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Harvesting Scholars
Educational Consulting
Helping Families and Students to
Navigate College Admissions 

It's not just about being accepted, but it’s also about thriving at the institution that is the right fit for you.


There are many challenges involved in the college process including choosing the right school, figuring out a payment strategy, and in general, just getting in. Harvesting Scholars provides information to link prospective students and their families to resources to help make the best-informed decisions about attending a college or university.  We understand how confusing and exhausting it can be to figure out different resources and where to find information.  We are here to help.

On Track Checklist by Grade Level 

Need to know what you should be working on, click on your grade level for suggestions. 

COllege Entrance Exam Information

Whether you are taking the ACT, SAT, or the ASVAB,  information is provided on registration information and test prep sites. 

Athletic Recruitment Resources

Do you have what it takes to compete on the college level? 

Understanding Financial Aid

Information about the different types of financial aid

Forms and other documents to set you on your college preparation journey. 


  • College Essay- Click here for resources to assist with college essay prep

  • Scholarship Prep- Are you really prepared to apply and win scholarships? Take this quiz and read the results for other tips.  Click Here to begin.

  • Senior Brag Sheet- A senior brag sheet is helpful for requesting letters of recommendation from counselors and teachers. Click Here

  • Educational Resume- An educational resume is similar to a job resume except it highlights your educational accomplishments. Click here to read more and download a template.

  • Community Service Log- Maintaining your community service activities in one place is helpful when preparing to develop your educational resume. 

Harvesting Scholars does not guarantee financial aid, admission or acceptance into any program, college, university or school. We do not provide recommendations to any institution or program, but provide resource information to help students make the best informed decisions about their career goals. Harvesting Scholars is funded by donations and was formed in the state of Georgia operating as a not-for-profit entity that provides educational and charitable resources and support to students.

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